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Kathie Glass - Vision-Plan-Guts

Kathie Glass was born in Buford, Georgia. Her father worked for General Motors as an assembly line worker, and her mother was a school secretary. The first person in her family to go to college, Kathie worked her way through college and law school.

Kathie GlassAt the age of 20, Kathie graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia with a degree in English. She received many academic honors including Phi Beta Kappa. At the age of 23, she graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law.

On 7/7/77, Kathie came to Texas, and has been a proud Texan ever since. She met Tom Glass, an Aggie and native of Odessa, at a Texas Libertarian Party state convention in 1981, and they had their first date at a national convention in Denver. They married and raised their two children in Houston. Their daughter is a Rice graduate and an attorney. Like his father, their son graduated from Texas A&M with a chemical engineering degree, and works in that field. Tom and Kathie have a small ranch in Lee County.

Kathie was the Libertarian nominee for governor in 2010. She ran an active, statewide campaign, and participated in the gubernatorial debates. The AP said about the debate, “Kathie Glass seemed to steal the show.” In 1982, Kathie’s race for attorney general on the Libertarian ticket was well received by Libertarians and non-Libertarians alike.

I love liberty, Texas, the Constitution, and America.Kathie practiced as a highly successful civil trial lawyer in Houston for over 30 years, trying many cases and never losing a jury trial. She worked in large, medium, and small law firms, including her own firm in which she employed as many as 20 employees. Tom was a systems analyst for a major oil company before he retired to manage Kathie’s campaign.

Dedicated to Texas, America, liberty, and the Constitution, Kathie believes that all of those are under attack by an increasingly tyrannical federal government and that the only entity powerful enough to resist this federal tyranny and force a return to Constitution governance — through nullification of unconstitutional federal acts — is TEXAS. Kathie wants to be the 48th governor of Texas — and its first Libertarian governor — to lead the fight for our liberty and Texas sovereignty under our Texas and federal constitutions.