End Cronyism

Kathie Glass for TX Governor - Issues: End Cronyism

Kathie Glass is a Libertarian.  Not a Republican.  Not a Democrat. Not a crony.

The two-party system is corrupt.  Politicians of both parties promise one thing, then break that promise in order to do the bidding of well-connected special interests – the “cronies.”  Government has become the way that the rich and powerful become . . . more rich and more powerful, using the mechanism of government to amass power and fortunes for themselves they never could have achieved otherwise at the expense of the rest of us.

Cronyism corrupts almost every process of government.  It destroys public education with expensive, frustrating, time-consuming testing while enriching the testing companies.  It steals water from rural aquifers and East Texas lakes to enrich developers.  It steals land for toll roads and enriches bond salesmen and foreign toll companies.

The Texas governor CAN resist cronyism.  Only Kathie Glass will.

The hypothesis that the Republican Party will deliver liberty in Texas has been tested, and the hypothesis has failed. For 20 years, the Republican Party has held every statewide elected office and has controlled both the Texas House and Senate — often with super-majorities. What do we have to show for it? Texas has the second highest debt per capita in the nation, higher taxes, higher spending, more attacks on property rights and privacy, and an ever more tyrannical federal government with no effective resistance.

Evidence abounds of cronyism infecting every facet of state government to those who reject the false hope that the party labels mean something. Cronies have captured both the Republican and Democrat Parties.

The Greg Abbott campaign accuses Wendy Davis of being a crony and points out how she served the toll road special interests at her law firm.  See dallasnews.com/news/politics/headlines/20140412-as-state-senator-davis-voted-on-bills-that-aided-clients.ece

Here are only a few examples of how Greg Abbott is controlled by the special interests that have donated tens of millions of dollars to his campaign.

So, when Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis accuse the other of being a crony — they’re both right! They may have different sets of cronies, but they are both cronies.

Only Kathie Glass is not a crony.